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Dr. Ashraf Gasim Elsid Abdalla

Dr. Ashraf Gasim Elsid Abdalla

The Editor in Chief

Edior In Chief

Associate Professor in Telecommunication Engineering, The Future University Sudan




[1] Detection of modulation scheme for software defined radio systems in 4/sup th/generation mobile network.

[2] Modelling and simulation of phased array antenna for LEO satellite tracking.

[3] A software tool for cost optimization of microwave radio relay link.

[4] Applying neuro-fuzzy technique to the enhanced fingerprint image.

[5] Channel assignment and handover strategies in an integrated mobile satellite telecommunication system.


[7] Location Based Services Algorithm for Teletraffic Management in Mobile Communication Networks.

[8] gth IEEE Asia Pasific Conference on Communication APCC2003.

[9] Software tool for teletraffic analysis in non-geostationary satellite mobile communication.

[10] A Software Design Tool For Microwave Radio Ashraf Gasim Elsid Abdalla, Mahamod Ismail dan Ahmad Faizal WM. Zain

[11] A Software Design Tool for Microwave Radio

[12] Antenna tower height cost optimization of microwave radio relay networks.

[13] 035 Detection of Modulation Scheme for Software Defined Radio Systems in 4th Generation Mobile Network Mohd Hairi Hilmi, Ashraf Gasim Elsid Abdalla Multimedia University, MALAYSIA 041 Speech Coding at Very Low Bit-Rates for Mobile Communication.

[14] Optimal Message Dissemination in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET).

[15] World Journal of Biology and Medical Sciences.

[16] Hepatoprotective effect of leaves of Balanites aegyptiaca against carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatic damage in rats.

[17] An Adaptive End-to-End QoS Controller for Wireless ATM Network.

[18] Wireless Spread Spectrum Communication Channel Modelling and Simulation Technical Area: Wireless Communication.

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