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The Future University & COP22

The Future University - Sudan and arab academy of sciences

The President of the University, Dr. El Tayeb Mustafa participated in the activities of the COP22, which was held in Marakkech, Morocco during the first half of November 2016. The President was a panelist in the event organized by the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology. The event-grouped the presidents of selected African Universities (public and private) and the presidents and Secretary-General of National Science Academies. (see image)

COP22 was very well organized and had a high quality interventions. In addition to the scientific and academic parts, a high level segment was attended by a large number of heads of states. Sudan was present in the high level segment in the person of the President of the Republic.

It should be noted that Dr. El Tayeb, in addition to representing the Future University, has also represented SNAS in his capacity  as the Secretary-General.